Best Car Door Guards For Car Dings, Dents And Scratches

Have you had your car door scratched, dented or dinged due to a parking accident or other incident of some sort? This sort of accidents are incredibly common, the classic one being people parking in such careless manner a door opening will hit the car next to it easily. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about people’s careless behavior, but you can prevent damage to your car using the best car door protector 2019 reviewed in this guide! 

In a hurry? Just take a look at these 2 best car door protector models below:

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Are door edge guards necessary?

Using the best car door protectors can save you thousands and keep your car from depreciating in value instantly. Scratched paint or dents can seriously reduce the value of your car instantly if not repaired, especially if then damage is very visible (plus, scratches and dents are so ugly to look at!). This is really bad news, especially if you’re looking to sell or trade your car at some point. A restoration job such as respray in a body shop can cost from $500 to over $2000, depending on the depth of the scratch or dent and the area to cover. This is why it’s better to be safe than sorry and prevent this from even happening in the first place using the best car door protectors.

Just so you know, I am speaking from personal experience on this one. This accident happened to me recently. I left my car parked in a busy multi-storey car park of a shopping mall on a saturday morning. What you see below is an actual photo of my own car, a BMW 3 series, taken on that morning.

best car door protector

Imagine the look on my face when I went back to the parking lot and found my black BMW car door in these conditions! I am not entirely sure how this happened, but my reaction was of absolute horror and I was incredibly upset. Perhaps someone had banged their door against mine by mistake, or simply scratched my car due to a parking accident. Unsurprisingly, whoever did this, was nowhere to be found!

I paid $1300 to get the paint resprayed on my car, and I certainly wasn’t happy about it, as you can imagine. But the fact of the matter is, I had no choice other than repair it. I couldn’t prove that the damage was caused by someone, and I couldn’t go through insurance as it would have bumped up the (already expensive) price of my premium significantly.

Top 5 Best car door protectors 2019 – Reviews & Rating

If you’re anything like me, you love your car and you want it to look at its best at all times. The first thing I thought after having this experience is to at least protect my baby from further damage in the future and invest in a car protector device. After a bit of research I found these best car protectors and, even though cannot protect from all kind of damage they do offer a good degree of protection, and peace of mind against accidents such as those that happen when someone bangs their own door on yours in tight parking spaces. I present you a review of the top 5 best car door guards and car door protectors you can find in the 2019 market right now so you can safeguard your car from much unwanted damage and save thousands!

1. Door Shox (STANDARD EDITION) – Removable Magnetic Car Door Protector


Some of the best car door protectors in the market as far as I could tell, these bad boys are magnetic car door protectors that you stick to your car after you park. The great thing about this is that this one sale includes a complete package that covers both sides of your vehicle completely, and attach to both front and rear door, so at this price it’s a steal!

These magnetic car protector are made of dense foam rubber and they look and feel pretty robust. If someone were to swing open their car door right onto yours, it would simply bounce against these pads and leave the car undamaged. There’s a security cable that secures the Door Shox to the inside of the car and connects to a suction cup that sticks to the inside of your window. Some users have reported how the grooves might trap small amounts of dirt and debris which can scratch your paint when removing the magnetic pads, so take extra care when doing so.

It would have been fantastic if they were designed to be left on while driving, but they are very easy to install and remove, so that’s not so big of a deal for me. It only takes about 20 to 30 seconds to install, and if you forget to remove them before you drive off, the three magnets per section are strong enough to stay put until you get to your destination.


  • Wide rib pattern on rubber cover
  • Package covers entire vehicle, both front and rear doors
  • New blacked out logo adds a stealth appearance and matte finish and surface texture add style.
  • Re-engineered security cable mechanism. Security cable is now embedded inside the DoorShox making it more secure.
  • Security cable has been redesigned to allow suction cup replacement.
  • New suction cups (to connect cable to the inside of window) are the highest quality Adams brand cups (Made in USA).
  • DoorShox uses the most expensive highest quality rare earth magnets


  • Does not work with aluminum cars. It is recommended to test your doors by putting a kitchen magnet (I.E. refrigerator magnet) near your door. If you feel the magnet pulling DoorShox will work fine
  • Dirt might get into the area where the magnets are and can be very abrasive, so be careful when removing them
  • A bit too big in size which make it a bit awkward to stow away
  • Available in black color only
Door Shox (STANDARD EDITION) - Removable Magnetic Car Door Protector, Car Door Guard, Car Door Protection, Door Ding Dent Protector
  • Newly Updated 2015 DoorShox Helps Prevent Against Paint Scratches, Door Dings and Door Dents
  • New blacked out logo and updated matte black surface texture adds a stealth appearance.
  • DoorShox uses the most expensive highest quality rare earth magnets! (Note: Magnets are embedded inside the DoorShox and then covered by a soft silicone like rubber pad).
  • Suction cups are the highest quality Adams brand cups (Made in USA).
  • Re-engineered security cable mechanism. Security cable is now embedded inside the DoorShox making it more secure.

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2. Doordefender Magnetic Car Door Protector – Editor’s Pick

These DoorDefender car door protecting pads use the exact same cabled mechanism as the Door Shox reviewed above. The main difference between those and the Door Shox is that each package DoorDefender only covers one side of the vehicle instead of both, but this can turn more convenient if you’re only looking to protect the car from one side. This can happen if, for example, you live in a busy building and have your own allocated space whereby your car doors are facing a pilar on one side and another car on the other.

In terms of material used, this brand is also very well received. The pads are of very high quality, robust and durable. They feature a padded strong foam interior which acts as a bumper strip to protect your cars paintwork from direct hits. The magnets are easy to remove and do not attract dirt or stones as much as what’s been reported for the DoorShox, thanks to the high quality coating and water-proof canvas finish.

The DoorDefender magnetic car protectors feature a steel slim scratch resistant security cable. Instead of a suction cup system as in the Door Shox, the cable on the DoorDefenders is secured with anti theft rub free ball fastened securely, which sits inside the car and may be positioned comfortably on the seat or floor. The cable is thin enough to go through the car door edge lining providing protection from theft.


  • Robust durable pads
  • Best materials on the market
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to store as compact in size
  • Luxury appearance
  • Do not attract dirt which makes them 100% safe on your car’s paintwork
  • 30-day money back warranty
  • Available also in suction cup version (non-magnetic)


  • One package covers one side only
  • Available in black only (U.S. version)
Doordefender - Magnetic Removable car Door Protection, Van dent Protector, Vehicle ding Protectors, car Guard, car Edge Barrier, Cars Trim Protect, Avoid paintless Puller dents Repair. (Black)
  • ! IMPORTANT NOTES ! ! PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR IS MAGNETIC BEFORE PLACING ORDER ! ! PRICE SHOWN IS FOR ONE SIDE OF THE CAR ONLY ! ! DIMENSIONS ARE SHOWN IN THE PICTURES ! One car door dent can ruin the look of your car. The Doordefender is perfect for protection of your car from nasty dents.
  • !! PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR DOORS ARE MAGNETIC!! To test if your car is compatible wrap a fridge magnet (or any magnet) in soft cloth and check if it is attracted to your car. QUALITY & STRENGTH - Doordefenders are of the highest quality and will do the job . The foam pads have a thickness which can take any size of a bang from another door or shopping trolley.
  • VALUE & SAVINGS - Much less expensive than fixing a dent, ding or scratch, doordefenders provide you a lifetime of resistance and are well worth the investment. Dents, dings and scratches can reduce the value of your car. Install removable magnetic doordefenders and avoid costly dent repairs. For car lovers, door defenders are the perfect gift and will guarantee satisfaction. They do the job and feel like a quality, thoughtful and special present. A great gift for multiple members of a family.
  • FOR NON MAGNETIC CARS SUCTION CUP ADD ON IS AVAILABLE - This may be added to all Doordefenders sold after June 2020. Search "Doordefender DDSX" on Amazon for details.
  • ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE PURCHASE - Buy with confidence! Every Doordefender features our No-Questions-Asked, 30-DAY, Money-Back Guarantee & warranty. If you don’t absolutely LOVE the DOORDEFENDER within the first 30 days, we’ll take it back, no questions asked!

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3. Ding Bats Magnetic Car Door Protector – Best Car Door Guard Protector For The Money

When I saw the price on those I confessed that I wanted to grab them straight away as the value offered is truly impressive given the fact that the package includes 4 pads to cover the entire vehicle.

These Dingbats are hinged in the center (resembling a bat, hence the name Dingbats) for easy storage in your trunk when not in use. This is an advantage in comparison to the Door Shox at the top of this list, which are a lot wider and clunkier. Similarly to other models on these best car door guard list, the Dingbatsy attach with strong magnets hidden under a layer of protective and soft cloth, whihc do not come in contact with your car’s paint, to prevent scratches, and they can be positioned anywhere across your car doors.

Nonetheless, some users have reported that the material on the outward facing side of the Ding Bat is a little rough, and can cause scratches to your car or damage paintwork if not removed carefully: do NOT drag them when removing them; pull them away carefully. Additionally, other users have commented on how magnets along with the felt lining can detach easily from the foam bars. Also, make sure you wipe your door down before placing on door so that dirt or dust does not scratch the paint on the door.

Overall, Dingbats work well for what you pay and if used properly, but bear in mind that the materials are more cheaply made than the Door Shox and the Doordefender reviewed above. Be careful when removing them and make sure you test your car doors for compatibility as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Robust and thick pads
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Set of 4 pads included to cover entire vehicle
  • Compact and easy to store thanks to the hinged shape
  • Very affordable


  • Cheaply made materials
  • Magnets and coating can detach easily from the foam pads
  • Does not work with aluminum cars. It is recommended to test your doors by putting a kitchen magnet (I.E. refrigerator magnet) near your door. If you feel the magnet pulling Dingbats will work fine.
  • Available in black only
Ding Bats - Removable Magnetic Car Door Protector, Car Door Guard, Car Door Protection, Door Ding Dent Protector (with Security Cables)
  • SAFE & SCRATCH FREE magnetic attachment
  • Set of 4 - One for every door - each 11" door guard DOUBLES in length when OPENED from hinged end.
  • Thick and Protective Ding and Dent Guards with hidden magnets under microfiber cloth lining
  • Hinged Design allows for compact storage

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4. DentGoalie Magnetic Car Door Guard


I start off by stating the obvious, which is that, at 10″ high x 80″ long, these car door protectors are easily the largest on the list, so much that I’m sure other drivers will notice them. Almost make me wonder if some people would try to bang them on purpose if they see them on your car, just to test them of course!

When I saw them I had to imagine them glued onto my BMW doors, and as I pictured them in my mind they didn’t look pretty! But then again, I thought that they only need to be used them when the car is parked, and not when driving, plus they are supposed to be functional, not aesthetically pleasant. Nonetheless, the DoorShox or the DoorDefender simply looked cooler and more stylish, which some people might deem important features, perhaps rightly so.

These DentGoalie are technically magnetic strips, not pads like others on the list, even though the system is very similar. They also feature a security cable, which on his model slips inside the closed door to prevent easy theft. The cable is rubber-coated-wire with a 2″ rubber ring on the end, to prevent it from being pulled out of a closed door.

In a nutshell, the main advantage of the DentGoalie over the other models on the list is that they can cover a lot more exposed areas than standard door guards and molding-strips, to shield your vehicle from other car door sizes and protruding shapes.

As you can imagine, these babies are not cheap, especially if you want to get a set of 2 large panels, one for each side of the car. Due to their size, you might think that they’re also not exactly the easiest to store in the truck or backseat, but they do folds in half through a center-hinge, allowing flat storage. I still think that the more compact ones are easier to stow away and carry.


  • Robust and thick pads
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Set of 4 pads included to cover entire vehicle
  • Compact and easy to store thanks to the hinged shape
  • Very affordable


  • Cheaply made materials
  • Magnets and coating can detach easily from the foam pads
  • Does not work with aluminum cars. It is recommended to test your doors by putting a kitchen magnet (I.E. refrigerator magnet) near your door. If you feel the magnet pulling Dingbats will work fine.
  • A bit overpriced
Car Door Guard, Magnetic Car Door Protector, Door Ding Dent Protector, Car Door Protection, Door Ding Protection - Set of 2 Full Large Panels
  • No more door-dings!
  • 10" high x 70" long. Max coverage. Both sides of vehicle.
  • Flexible, impact-resistant panels for protection when parked.
  • Universal use: 2 Dr, 4 Dr, SUVs & Trucks.
  • Quick to attach and remove. Includes security cable.

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5. Dent Prevent Magnetic Car Door Protector

This model was designed, quite ambitiously to say the least, to look as if it was factory installed. Personally, I hardly think any respectable car manufacturer wouldn’t think twice before adding some rubber magnets to some of the models in their line up.

DentPrevent claims that these magnets are so strong that can be left on while you drive, which is a significant advantage over other models that must be removed before driving off. This explain the significant extra effort that went into designing these car protectors so that your car can “wear” them at all times, and still look cool, even in bad weather. However, if I were to choose the DentPrevent, I’d still remove them for sustained highway driving 60+mph (They’re pretty easy to remove anyway so unless you’re too lazy to do it, it shouldn’t be too much effort).

The DentPrevent car protector are thinner than other models presented on this best car protector list, but this doesn’t mean that they are less robust. Many users have reported that these magnets indeed feel of sufficient strength to withstand light travel and/or medium weather conditions. The coating on the DentPrevent is made out of scratch-free material (but do pay extra care when removing them and make sure you wipe the car door before applying). These magnets can also be reduced in length by about 1/3, which allows for easy storage.

The only major downside for me with these is that the package comes with 2 pads only, which means you need to get two sets to cover the entire vehicle, which for me is necessary as I travel a lot and sometimes have to park in tight spots and areas that I am not entirely familiar with. However, these can be a perfect fit for those who are just looking to protect one side of the car only, or either front or rear doors.

Given the size of these and amount of exposed area coverage, I was expecting a cheaper price overall (the DoorDefender are more expensive but also thicker). On the plus side, the DentPrevent come with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee which should make you feel a bit more confident in this purchase.


  • Good quality materials
  • “Factory-installed” look
  • Adjustable in size for easy storage
  • Can be used while driving
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Scratch-free coating
  • No-questions-asked money back guarantee


  • One package contains 2 pads only
  • Does not work with aluminum cars. It is recommended to test your doors by putting a kitchen magnet (I.E. refrigerator magnet) near your door. If you feel the magnet pulling Dingbats will work fine.
  • Price feels a bit on the high end, especially considering the reduced size compared to other models, and that you only get 2 pads per package.
  • Black only (but that seems to be the deal with all of those magnetic car protectors)
Dent Prevent Removable Magnetic Car Door Protector, Includes Door Ding Protectors for 2 Doors, Extendable to Fit All Car and Truck Doors with High Energy Magnets, Prevents Dents, Scratches and Dings
  • DOOR DING PROTECTOR FOR 2 DOORS – prevents dents, dings and scratches from other car doors while your car or truck is left in a crowded parking lot. BUY 2 FOR A FOOR-DOUR CAR
  • HIGH ENERGY MAGNETS – strong enough to stay on while you drive, even in bad weather, but easy to remove and store in your car door, under the seat or in the trunk. (*Magnets won't stick to aluminum, carbon fiber or polymer doors, including TESLA. **Doors must be clean of debris for magnets to stick well.)
  • SCRATCH-FREE – unlike other door protectors, Dent Prevent uses a premium coating on its magnets to prevent scratches. Be sure to clean car surface before installing to avoid scratching from residue on the car.
  • PREMIUM LOOK & FEEL – has the look of factory installed equipment, and comes with a matte black finish.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – your Dent Prevent comes with a “no questions asked” money back guarantee so you can feel secure testing the product on your car or truck with no risk.

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Using the best car door protectors and further advice on how to avoid car scratches, dents and dings

What habits can you adopt to keep your car from getting scratches and dings? It seems sometimes your car can just sit there and a new scratch will appear without any seemingly cause. And no matter how diligent you are scratches are part of the deal. After the dramatic experience I described above, I’ve started to adopt a few healthy habits when parking my car that have allowed me to keep my precious vehicle intact. Let’s see if you can implement them too and lower the risk of your car getting scratched or dinged! You can get all sort of free advice online too, as I did, so you have no excuse!

1. Use a car door protector when parking in busy spots

Let me just stress again how important it is to use one the 5 best car door guards protectors reviewed above. Since I’ve had my car scratched and resprayed (at a high cost!) I did not think twice and invested in one of those, simply because it makes so much more sense to prevent the damage whenever you can, and they are so much more affordable than a body shop invoice, that it’s just not worth the risk. Especially if you live in a busy area and you care about your car, you don’t want your car to depreciate instantly due to scratches, dents or dings on your paintwork caused by people’s carelessness.

2. Try to park far away from others

It is obvious that if you can, you should park where no other cars are parked, as far as possible. A little walking is good for you if you are not handicapped in some way.

3. Don’t park next to a worn out car

As a general rule, I try to avoid parking next to car that looks clopped out. Simply by logic, if the car owners don’t care about their own car, you can be sure they won’t care about yours either.

4. Don’t park next to a 2 door car

Another thing I don’t do is parking next to a a 2 door car, especially if worn out. On a 2 door car, the doors are generally longer and can reach your car more easily. They are also heavier and tend to want to close, so they get opened again only harder practically ensuring impact on your car.

5. Park next to the passenger side

On many occasions you will NOT have to park between two cars, one on each side, but you next to one car only. In this situation, try to park next to the passenger side. There probably won’t be a passenger, but there is always a driver.

6. Don’t park on the downward side of a slope

This is very important and something that many people do not pay attention to, until their car get scratched because extreme slopes will cause people to open their doors to the up side hard and without control as well.

7. Choose parking spots wisely (a bit more pedantic advice)

You might think I’m too pedantic, but maybe not so much when you get your bodyshop bill…As a general rule, use common sense to pick the best parking spot for your car to avoid scratches. For starters, wider bays are better than narrow ones. Remember also to never take more than one space, for obvious reasons. If you can, try to park next to pillars, walls or the end of the row if you’re in a multi-storey so you know that at least one side of your car won’t likely get scratched (unless by you!). Also, seek out areas where most expensive and shiniest cars are parked and stick your car next to them or between them. It’s likely that the owners of these cars care as much as you about their cars. Also, try to avoid spaces where the parked cars wheels are on the line or over it. Chances are if they can’t park going forward, they can’t unpark backing out either.

8. Keep your car clean and waxed

Lastly, remember that dirt will add to abrasion in case of impact, making the scratch worse. Wash your car regularly (handwash is better than jet wash for your paint). Adding extra wax will also help things skip off and generally protect your paintwork from minor damage.


I hope that this guide was useful and that you will invest in one of the car protectors models I recommended above.  In the end, no matter how careful of a driver you are, remember that everyone else isn’t! Honestly, I wish I got myself one of those when I saw the damage on my car, it would have saved me so much money. Well, I guess what’s done is done, but at least I’ve learned a lesson and from now on I know how to protect my baby from people’s wild door swinging!

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