Best Wifi Router For Apartments

Best Wifi Router For Apartments

Best Wifi Router For Apartments – Buyer’s Guide

Today’s business world is incomplete without computers and computer networks. Network devices play an important role in establishing a network in an office or work environment. While it is about setting up a network, homes are not too far behind. Nobody prefers wire networks these days. Everybody in the world looks for wireless networks and the wireless devices. Wireless networks and devices provide far more flexibility than that of the wired devices. There are various other benefits underlying the wireless devices. Wireless router is the device that connects various devices without using wires. Businesses and homes are looking for cutting a lot of costs. The article details about the best wifi router for apartments 2018 and it gives you reviews three best wireless routers.

Top 5 Best Wifi Router For Apartments

1. NETGEAR N750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabyte Router

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabyte Router promises to provide reliable connections without bringing in interference in your network. The features of this router enable the users to stream high quality videos and play video games. With all the high quality features, the router is suitable for all types of homes and businesses. With this wireless router, you may say bye to your wired routers.

Speed, range and connections

The router is capable of delivering a speed of 300 + 450 MBPS. The speed can range up to 750 MBPS at maximum. It uses gigabit Ethernet ports that can cope up with all types of video gaming and video streaming environment. The wireless range of the router can extend to provide internet and network access to any large homes. It works with two types of frequency bands 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ. Advanced QoS technology of the router can enable any types of video streaming and gaming.

Sharing features

DLNA media server helps you to connect to any of the games and video connected to the media server. ReadySHARE USB helps you connect to various USB devices like hard drive and many more. ReadySHARE printer enables you to share and access your printer without using a wire. Time Machine Compatible feature allows your create backup for your Mac devices. With ReadySHARE cloud you can access the data stored on your hard drive remotely.

Ease of use and security

You can easily install the device in your PC and other mobile devices. NETGEAR Genie app helps you maintain the connectivity regime easily. The router has security features like parental control, network security and guest network access.

2. Apple AirPort Express

This is another affordable wireless router which can be easily connected to any of the portable devices. The device can be easily managed. You can steam HD videos from any home in the network. This wireless router uses latest wireless technology that helps in connecting many devices including printer without using a wire.

Set up is easy

You can set up the device with AirPort express easily. This router can be connected to devices having all types of commonly used operating systems. The device comes with a manual which you can follow to set up the network.

Streaming music is a fun

You can connect any speakers with your device while streaming music from music stores. You need to use AirPort express and music app to access the music store to listen music with any speakers.

Wireless range and dual band benefits

This is the best router to extend the range of connection in your home. This router supports dual band. It means it can work with both the frequency bands. By using the utility app, you can further enhance the connectivity range of the device.

Compatibility and security

The device has an inbuilt firewall to protect you from any types of bugs in your system. You can set up a guest network for providing access permit to your guests. Apart from that you can use the printer without using a wire.

3. Securifi Almond Touch Screen Wireless Router

This is the best wifi router for apartments that comes with unique touch screen feature. The router has not only gained popularity in the wireless world but also it has been praised by some of the world’s greatest newspapers.

Touch screen – Extend the range of wireless connection with simple touch

This router is the first ever touch screen router in the world. You can not only use this router as a connecting device but also you can use the device to extend the range of wireless connections in your house. For its range extending capabilities, the router is known as booster or repeater.

Speed and network range

The router can offer you a speed of up to 300 MBPS. You can connect this device to devices which have Ethernet on those. This router is compatible with any sort of router available in the market when it is used as a booster

Security features

There’s a unique security feature of this router that is known as SSID. This is a random ID given by the manufacturer. Forget about others accessing it; the ID can’t be accessed by Google tracking database.

4. TP-LINK TL-WR1043N Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router

If you are looking for an affordable yet excellent kind of router, then you may want to check out the TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router. This router is capable of producing wireless network connection through the advanced MIMO also known as the Multi Input Multi Output technology. With this technology, the TP LINK TL WR1043ND router is capable of producing remarkably high speed wireless connection of up to 450 Mbps.

This router is generally a wired/wireless network connection device that has the ability of an internet-sharing router and a four port switch as well. The throughput of the wireless router is best for bandwidth based actions and things like VoIP calls, large file sharing, online games and streaming HD videos. The Gigabit Ethernet ports of this wireless router on the other hand, permit ultimate transfer rate of speed.

TP LINK TL WR1043ND Features:

There are already many routers in the market today. Some are expensive and others are affordable and cheap. It may have crossed people’s minds that the more expensive a router is, the better it is compared to other routers. The TL WR1043ND proves that even though it is not an expensive router, one may also get almost the same features than those classy routers. For one, the TL WR1043ND has a disruption-free performance and excellent file transfer speeds.

It also has QSS. The router will be able to provide you an instant set up for your wireless security encryption. A QSS button is found on the router itself and when pressed will automatically provide you a WPA2 connection. Another smart feature the TL WR1043ND has is its Qos Function that allows the finest usage of the bandwidth and even has control over it.

The router also has a USB storage port. This allows you to connect a USB storage/flash disk on the router and share the files with other people connected to your network. Lastly, the TL WR1043ND router also has the parental controls for controlled browsing. You may be able to restrict websites and even limit the usage time of the internet.

TP LINK TL WR1043ND: The Smart Choice

With the smart features this affordable router has, you will not look for more expensive routers that have almost the same important features. Many people especially when setting up a home network do not need a dual band router anymore. This makes the TP LINK TL WR1043ND router the perfect router for most of us. It also has a very easy set-up utility that allows amateurs to configure the router and set up the network. It measures about 1.2 x 9.9 x 5.5 (HxWxD) and is supported for a warranty of one year. The package of the router contains the Wireless-N router itseld, its power supply unit, Ethernet cable, its resource CD, three detachable antennas, and its manual guide.

The TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND Wireless Router is available in its sleek, black and classy design.

5. D-Link DIR-655 Extreme-N Gigabit Wireless Router

D-Link has been famous for a long time now because of the amazing features one may get from almost all of their products. D-Link is producing numerous types of routers that comply with customers’ needs and wants. This is why one of the mostly recommended routers in the market today is the D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Gigabit Wireless Router. This router transports up to the maximum speed 14 times and 6 times farther range than other 802.11g routers. This means it has a greater coverage and a faster connection than other 802.11g routers.

Streaming HD videos and other applications instantaneously will never be a problem with the D-Link DIR-655. This goes the same with VoIP calls and even online gaming. The QoS technology of the router does not fail any of the wired and wireless internet traffic. Just like other excellent performing routers in the market today, the D-Link DIR-655 also has the Gigabit Ports for giving you the ultra-fast wired connection you wanted.

D-Link DIR-655 Features:

The features of the DIR-655 are the same with other brilliantly made routers with extra features that you will surely love. This router has the dual active firewall protection on SPI and NAT that blocks dangerous viruses and attacks on your network. The router is capable of giving you supreme wireless coverage because of the three external interchangeable antennas.

Another feature that you should not miss is the router’s ability to stream HD videos and perform a number of applications simultaneously. Even wireless computers and gadgets will be able to enjoy online gaming and movie streaming. It has security standards such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 that assures you the best encryption.

Moreover, the router only runs with a single band wireless N connectivity, making it highly recommended for homes and not for big offices. UpnP enabled devices and gadgets are also capable of accessing audio and video online through the router. Lastly, Shareport technology is also available in the router. This feature allows you to connect a USB printer or a hard drive to your router and allow users to access these devices. For the set-up of new routers, it actually supports Windows Connect Now which guides newbies and new owners for an easy and hassle free wireless setup.

D-Link’s Art and Brilliance

The D-Link DIR-655 has basically all the features you will need if you set up a wireless network in your own home. Its capabilities and added features, D-Link has obviously created another piece of art and brilliance for the internet enthusiasts. Its most important feature, the QoS has made the router even more interesting. It analyses the traffic of both the wired and wireless and divides it into different data streams. With this, important applications and activities are prioritized making VoIP, online gaming and video streaming the top priority of the connection

Types of wireless router

Basically there are two types of routers available in the market. This type of division has been done on the basis of bandwidth usage by the router.

  • Single band wireless router

Single band supports on one frequency range that is 2.4GHZ. You may not achieve the speed that you wish to achieve. A single user may not face any problems while using this router. Apart from that this router can cover up a small area.

  • Dual band wireless router

Dual band wireless router supports both the frequency bands such as 2.4 GHZ and 5GHZ. This can be used by multiple users simultaneously. The coverage area of the router is more that of the previous router.

How To Choose The Best Wifi Router For Apartments

There are two types of considerations those can be taken in to account while choosing wireless routers. The first consideration is based on the frequency band and other considerations are made on various other factors.

  • Types of usage and speed consideration- frequency band considerations

If you are choosing a router for a single user, you can easily choose single band wireless router. The speed and accessibility of the single band routers suits a specific individual. If you are choosing a router for a multi-user environment, then you should pick the dual band router. This router suits the speed and accessibility needs of a number of users.

  • Factor consideration

Basing on internet usage, hardware, plan and security you can choose routers. If you use internet for streaming videos, then you should prefer dual band. For surfing purpose single band is sufficient. Like this you can judge on your requirements to choose a router for your home or office.


The article explains about the best wifi router for apartments 2018. It includes reviews of tops three routers available in the market, types of routers and buying guide. You can follow different parts of the article to renovate your home or office network.

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