Best Hunting Boots

Best Hunting Boots

The Best Hunting Boots of 2018 – Buying Guide

Hunters have to keep themselves in the great outdoors and they need reliable equipment that protects them against any weather conditions. This is especially true for the hunting boots, which must keep the feet of hunters warm and dry, not only during walks but even if they sit for hours. In this detailed post, we will explore the best hunting boots of 2018 that you can explore to find the best one for you.

So I was saying that good hunting boots with any type of terrain is a MUST for any hunter. And boots for any hunter is only high quality, double stitched hunting boots, as they have been used for quite a long time.

Double stitched hunting boots are sewn to the bottom twice and this can be seen. With the first seam, the insole, the frame and the uppers are connected. The second seam joins mid sole and frame with the upper.

To prevent water from entering the boots yarn dipped in pitch is used for sewing. These type of hunting boots are particularly robust, durable and very comfortable to wear. There are also special hunting boots for the winter, but only high-quality materials such as lambskin is used for their production.

Quality hunting boots are an acquisition for life. They may cost you a few extra dollars but that investment will pay you off.

List of The Best hunting Boots

Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot
Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G
LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18"
Kenetrek Men's Mountain Extreme Ni
Irish Setter Men's Vaprtrek Waterproof 8"
Irish Setter Men's Elk Tracker WP Insulated Boot
MuckBoots Men's Woody Sport
Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Bozeman

What characterizes a hunting boot?

Hunting boots are available in different versions, from loafers out to boots, although there are summer and winter models. They all have high-quality processing by brands like Lowa or Muckboots and for production, they use only first-class materials, which is also reflected in their price. However, quality hunting boots are an acquisition for life. They may cost you a few extra dollars but that investment will pay you off.

Cheaper models are often not up to the high standards of hunters. Hunters absolutely need boots that keep their feet warm in the cold season, in all circumstances, which is only possible with a reasonable, good feeding. The sole of hunting boots must be non-slippery and should have a high profile, and guarantees firm-footed grip even in muddy and uneven terrain.

In past, the appearance and outlook of the hunting boot were secondary, but in the present time, the latest models have also become visually attractive and are suitable for both gender. Of course, there are separate boots for men and women as well.

Review Of The Best Hunting Boots 2018

#1 – Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

These pair of boots are classified as Hunting Boots, Trekking Boots, and Hiking boots.

These boots have all the qualities that are requirements of any hiking, trekking or hunting boots. These boots have the latest technology included fast lacing technology, enhanced grip on any terrain, padded tongue and collar and above all, these boots have Gore-Tex lining which makes them waterproof, and breathable.

Walking in nature is a unique experience, but to do so safely perfect trekking shoes are required. From the Lowa, brown hiking shoes are ideal for outdoor activities, the Gore-Tex makes them waterproof but breathable while the reinforced toe makes the sole perfect for a secure grip on any terrain!

We can without any doubt say that these boots are a great package of comfort and durability.


  • Sock: Fabric
  • Heel Type: Without heel
  • Lining: Without padding
  • Upper Height: 16 cm in size 38
  • Lace: Closed: Lace
  • Toe cap: Round
  • Sole: Abrasion-proof rubber
  • Membrane: Gore-Tex Performance
  • Function: Breathable, waterproof
  • Extras: Reinforced heel
  • Sole: removable, contoured, padded
  • Sport Type: Outdoor, Mountaineering



  • GRIP: Vibram Vialta®, rubber plugs 4mm for rugged paths.
  • WATERPROOF: Waterproof leather, Gore-Tex® membrane: waterproof and breathable.
  • SUPPORT: 2 hooks at the top of the upper part in full-grain leather for excellent support
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 1120 g per pair of size 42
  • CUSHIONING: PU mid-sole for durable, high-performance cushioning



  • They are a little bit pricier.
  • These boots won’t be best pick for summer season.


Best Hunting Boots for the Money

#2 – Danner Men’s Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G

These boots can take the roughest and the toughest of terrain and they will not disappoint you. If you are going for hunt in a very hilly area, then Reatree Xtra 1200G is the best choice.

They are waterproof and they are also insulated, The rubber sole is made in order to have a good grip on wet and slippery ground is also designed to be self-cleaning and therefore does not accumulate dirt or other debris that can make them less adherent to the ground, while its flexibility helps make comfortable shoes that are not exactly lightweight.



  • Gore-Tex lining: Even this waterproof but breathable, facilitates the exchange of air for the benefit of the health of the foot that does not macerate in their own sweat.
  • Quality Materials: The choice of materials is made thinking in the first place to the durability and strength of the shoes that will be destined for a demanding and continuous use. For the skin of the upper, it has been chosen Nubuck, while the nylon lining and rubber sole are other measures that provide security to the model.
  • 1.2g Insulation: This type of insulation is perfect for extremely cold weather.
  • Performance: The whole of the precious materials used for the manufacture of the shoes make it a product appreciated by users for its strength and comfort, two essential requirements when you are in problematic environments.



  • Heavy Insulation.
  • These boots won’t be best pick for summer season.


Best Insulated Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

#3 – LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18

LaCrosse has created all time best and universal Hunting Boot of 2018. These shoes are not just for comfort, but they are also durable. They are beautiful and loved by almost everyone.

Keeping in mind all the positive qualities of these boots, their popularity is justified.



  • Quality: If you but this awesome pair of boots, you’ll notice that the selling price of the product is not high when you consider the quality of craftsmanship. (Though they are bit pricey)
  • Users can easily reduce the height if shoes by folding the tops.
  • Each rear of the shoes is equipped with an adjustable gusset, which enables you to comfortably wear the shoes.
  • Neoprene is a material that helps to keep your feet cool and legs cool.



  • Because of less insulation, it is not recommended to wear these boots in extremely cold weather.


#4 – Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

If you are planning for the high country, then the best choice would be Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Hunting boots. These boots are designed to pass through some of the harshest climates. Such a climate where hunting boots must have a strong grip.

The best part of the shoes is that they will keep your feet un-blistered without compromising the sturdiness of the boots.

These boots are made with durable and sturdy leather that ensures you that they will last longer.

As far as the height is concerned, they are not too high but they do offer extra support to your ankle.



  • The outer and upper portion of the boots is made from robust and cutting-edge material. Which makes these boots durable and that also provides extra ankle support.
  • Tread is quite dependable which allows you to have extra grip on steep terrain.
  • These boots also have thick soles which guarantees comfort and extra support to the wearer.



  • As usual, these boots provide a very thick profile of insulation and that is why they are not recommended for continuous use in hot weather and environment.


#5 – Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot

If you’re more of a classy person who is conscious of design then The Irish Setter Vaprtrek 8” boot is the best choice for you as a unique feature of this pair of boots lies in its design standard.

This doesn’t mean that these are not waterproof or durable as others, they just have focused more on their design as compared to other hunting boots available in the market. I would say that these boots have a more athletic type of look which makes them kind of a sporty as well.

I would recommend this pair of boots to those enters were always running after their prey and they expect a lot from their boots.

As far as the durability is concerned, these boots have a thicker layer of soles and an even thicker outer layer which makes them extremely durable. Despite these being hunting boots, they can also be considered as the best tactical boots.

These boots are not as high as many people would expect the hunting boots to be in the reason for that is because these boots are made for a lot of tasks which can include hiking and dragging etc. I would like to mention aware that these boots are very light as compared to many other hunting boots out there.



  • The 8” Vaprtrek boots are extremely lighter boots without compromising the durability and performance.
  • As these boots are designed in an athletic fashion that is why they allow their user with more mobility and less traction.
  • Each of The 8” Vaprtrek boots comes with a scent band that does not blow any sort of nasty smell of shoes escaping from it.



  • The soles of these boots are not stitched and they are glued to the upper layer. This means that they can come out anytime without even a slight indication that shoes are getting torn apart.


#6 – Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker WP Insulated Boot

Irish Setter Elk Tracker are the best boots when we talk about the durability and ruggedness. The material used for construction is top notch. The sole is made up of synthetic rubber and the upper of Irish Setter Elk Tracker is made up of tough leather. This means that these boots can be used in any condition and for all purposes. These boots Are definitely long-lasting and are made up of high-quality material.



  • These hunting boots feature Gore-Tex lining, that is why these boots have waterproof capabilities.
  • The solid construction of these boots gives confidence to the hunters that their feet are protected and they can easily hunt around.
  • Irish Setter Elk Tracker also has Bulls-Eye Air Bob sole which makes them show that the hunters get a firm and strong grip on any condition or terrain.



  • The soles of these boots are not stitched and they are glued to the upper layer. This means that they can come out anytime without even a slight indication that shoes are getting torn apart.


Best Hunting Boots for Men

#7 – MuckBoots Men’s Woody Sport Hunting Boot

These are the best multi terrain hunting boots for 2018. You will not face any issues on steep slopes or in muddy bogs. MuckBoots Woody sports are designed to stand face up in all weathers also.

Their multi-feature and multifunctions is the quality that keeps these hunting boots of 2018 above everyone else.

You will get cool features like waterproof material, reinforced toe, knee-high shaft, breathable air meshing- this pair of hunting boot would be the best choice for all terrain and all weather boots.



  • These hunting boots have greater reinforced toe which makes sure that your feet are protected and no harm will be done to them. With this quality, you get confidence in doing your activities; in climbing trees, or walking through steep terrain.
  • The design of boots keeps your feet warm. Not too warm in summer and sufficient warmth in winter.
  • These boots are also equipped with breathable AirMesh which keeps your feet dry and warm at the same time.



  • The only issue that some of you will have is that finding the appropriate size is a bit of a challenge.

#8 – Under Armour Men’s UA Speed Freek Bozeman Review

Footwear is one the specialty at Under Armour. It is an American accessory and sports company. The company supplies both the sportswear and casual wear. Under Armour made pretty cool training and running shoes and later put more effort with the same technology to make tactical and duty boots.

Let’s set up the stage properly for dissecting this pair of Bozeman hunting boots. There will be a quick rundown of everything we’ll throw at them before we can say they’ve truly “earned their Armour”.

Speed Freek DNA

  • GTX lining is completely waterproof but allows perspiration to escape and keep you dry even in the worst conditions.
  • Lightweight pigskin leather for added durability and protection, abrasion-resistant nylon in the upper.
  • Toe caps are made up of TPU, that are highly resistant and provide durability and give extra protection to the front area of the foot.
  • The material of midsole is EVA, which provides absorption and lightweight cushioning.
  • For the comfort and customized fit, molded Ortholite sock line provides a memory top foam and bottom foam with PU base.
  • Has a powerful UA Scent technology built inside to help keep you undetected and it lasts longer and works great.



  • These are the best lightweight boots as compared to other types. Its like wearing cushions in the feet.
  • These shoes are rugged and supportive along with comfortable and flexible qualities. A heavy duty boots.
  • It is super easy to polish the leather and keeps the shine for a long time.
  • Under extreme heavy-duty, UA boots can last for around two years.
  • They are pretty well ventilated and are 100% waterproof.
  • There are plenty of rooms in the toe box, provide great support to the ankles and arches. Including the fact that they look really cool.
  • Excellent for going over mossy creeks and wet logs.
  • Under Armour Speed Freek boots are a true revelation. The traction is great on wet asphalt, snow or mud.



  • Though they are good tactical boots they are definitely not cheap.
  • As they go excellently on wet logs, snow or mud but they are not made for sharp rocks and other off-trial staples.
  • Surely, they are waterproof but not for harsh winter weather.
  • People are more interested in buying the zipper version Under Armour Valsetz instead of Under Armour Speed Freek.


Waterproof tactical boots

The important thing that separates Speed Freek from Valsetz and similar Under Armour tactical boots is GoreTex. GoreTex is a waterproof membrane with microscopic pores per square inch, that explains breathability.

Pigskin leather as the material

The pigskin leather is known in the Wolverine Worldwide Company as ‘Warrior Leather’. The advantages of pigskin leather are that it is lighter, dries fast, it absorbs less liquid, resistant to stains and it better retains flexibility.

Memory foam footbed

Memory foam features additional chemicals for increasing density and viscosity. It adds comfort and molds to the shape of feet. it also reduces joint pain and helps with bunions.

Under Armour Speed Freek boots are the older brother of Under Armour Valsetz. Customers, testers they found these boots as the true revelation of Under Armour. These boots are especially for hunting, but people use it for all types of activities, hiking, construction etc, consider as one of the most flexible tactical boots.

Who needs Best hunting boots?

In addition to hunters and forest workers actually, everyone does. Well, anyone who makes regular tours or long walks through the woods must buy hunting boots. They are also suitable for long walks because they are special and hi-fi walking shoes. Since hunting shoes have the advantage of being completely waterproof and due to their sole which can cope up with any condition of the soil, they are also for all fans of outdoor activities.

Even avid campers should prefer the advantages that hunting boots offer because of their robustness and their comfort level as compared to other shoes. Especially during the cold season, anyone who walks on a mountain landscape must wear these hunting shoes and he will himself feel the pleasure.

Since these boots also ensure that the feet remain permanently warm, so I guess they are also made for nature lovers such as bird watchers. The thick profile sole even prevents the penetration of cold by frozen ground.

Pay attention to quality characteristics

Unfortunately, there are now a large number of cheap hunting boots, which are manufactured throughout the world. However, these specimens are usually dispensed with natural materials and handmade production, which reduces the quality noticeably. This hunting shoes are often made of rubber and therefore are considered waterproof, but since they are not breathable, feet sweat more quickly in these low-cost boots, which is extremely unpleasant and may even have health consequences.

High-quality hunting boots always consist of natural materials such as leather, or lambskin. The seams are also made with yarn so that water cannot penetrate.

The quality of outer sole allows the wearer the best possible grip in all soil conditions and feels light enough even when you are wearing the boots very tight. This distinctive profile of sole provides a firm grip on soft or muddy surfaces as well as on rocky substrates. Although hunting boots must be stable and robust, they must not feel like a tank on your feet and the weight should be hardly noticeable.

Use of Hunting Boots

A good hunting boot can always be used whenever any outdoor tour is planned because basically, any hunting boot is a very practical all-rounder boot. Hunting boots have the best properties like wearing comfort, stability in rough terrain, waterproof and breathable. Especially in difficult terrain, all nature lovers and not only hunters need reliable boots that keep their feet warm and dry and provide them with a good slip resistance on a slippery surface.

Anyone who is not a pure hiking specialist and still like to visit nature on should also think first of the hunting boots as suitable footwear that is available different designs

What form of hunting boots you will ultimately need depends on the personal needs and requirements. Everyone has a different height of the body and selecting hunting boots depends on the preference of the buyer.

What size Of Hunting Boots Should You Buy?

Many nature lovers purchase their hunting shoes equal to one size larger than their normal shoe size, and this is what most manufacturers and suppliers of boots for hunting or the outdoor environment always recommend to their clients. Many hunters or nature lovers like to wear in their boots an extra pair of socks.

But it is also true that these boots do not stretch or rise as other footwear with time due to their stable, high-quality processing. Therefore, an excessively small boot also a risks that they will quickly become suppressed or leads to unpleasant corns when worn for a longer period of time.

Therefore, high-quality hunting boots are better than little too big or too small, especially the feet of many people swell slightly during long trips and that is why their feet need more space than usual. However, a number larger than usual is sufficient because two numbers larger size means that the foot begins to slip in the boot and thereby gives the wearer an uncomfortable feeling while running.

Positive Characteristics of Best Hunting Boots

  1. Robust and Durable
  2. Breathable with Natural Materials
  3. Insulated
  4. ‘Waterproof

Negative Properties

  1. High Cost

Best Hunting Boots Under $200

Hunting is not a simple sport, it is the representation of people’s lives who are hunters that is full of excitement. The pleasure of hunting something is so special, have no comparison. You just need a pair of hunting shoes that are comfortable and lightweight. In order to get things done, you need to be properly equipped so the terrain won’t surprise you. This is where professional hunting boots come in handy, helping people hunt with more precision and ease.

This will make you focus on your hunting. Unlike any other accessory that you put them away, shoes are the only thing that remains on your feet. So you have to be wise while choosing hunting boots.

Here are a few shoes that are good for hunting and that will help you choose the best you like:

Best Rubber Hunting Boots

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot:

These are some of the Best hunting bootings that many men like and usually rave about. The hunting boots are completely waterproof because of their primary rubber exterior that works perfectly to keep water from entering the boots. For those that usually hunt in swampy or wet areas, these are the best boots for hunting because of their height which does not only moist but is also comfortable for having on for long hunting hours.

One downside of these hunting boots is that they cannot work well in cold weather environments, but are perfect for other seasons, and are one of best boots for most hunters out there.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot:

The Irish Setter Men’s 2870 have a full long length together with a lighter weight. These two features make these boots unique from the others in the market. These boots are perfect for water, mud and snow conditions.

These boots are also strong and can last for a long time. The boots can also be worn in the early season of RPM because of their reduced weight. They are also waterproof and have a strong logo-stamped tongue.

The company really made sure not to compromise on the quality of grip and strength of the boots, so that they can really stand out amongst the other boots on the market. The boots are able to work in both traction and balance. The amount of flexibility of the boots is really surprisingly good along with a maximum protection.

The Irish setter men’s 2870 were built to have some sort of special out-soles that are able to prevent mud, water, dirt, and ice to enter the boots. The awesome part of it all is that they don’t even stick to your soles and this makes your moves very smooth.

With these shoes, you will be able to walk easily and climb different surfaces. These are designed to be used for rough environments and they don’t give any sort of blisters/harm to your feet at any time.

One of the downsides of these boots is that some people find them hard to put on or wear, but this is definitely not a big problem at all. One point to take note of is that waterproof boots are not really good when it comes to ventilation and airflow.

Things to Consider When Picking The Best Rubber Hunting Boots.

Rubber Hunting Boots

When hunting, it’s essential that you have the right gear. And it’s not just the right weapon. The shoes you wear when hunting is going let you hunt well or ruin your hunt. because there’s nothing worse than hunting with some uncomfortable shoes that are not waterproof and not made to be used in the field.

Rubber hunting boots are the best options for hunting for many reasons. Every rubber boot is waterproof, at least it should be. More than that, a hunting boot is usually knee-high. Wearing a pair of rubber hunting boots you are protected from animals, harmful plants or muddy and wet.

Some features that should be expected from a quality pair of hunting boots:

Waterproof – the boots should be really waterproof. That means that you can step into the water with the boots and it won’t soak your feet.

Comfort – you should feel comfortable wearing your boots because you will wear them for long time ranges.

High-grade rubber – this means high-quality rubber, consequently more durable boots. That’s why sometimes buying a more expensive pair of boots is better in the long term if these boots are made of high-grade rubber.

Height – the taller the boot, more you can step into the water. An 18” high boot is a good choice.

Weight – you don’t want to wear a heavy pair of boots, believe me. Always compare the weight of the boots you check. 4.5 lbs is a good weight for a pair of rubber hunting boots.

Stealth – depending on what you are hunting, this is important. I’ve never seen a pair of pink hunting boots, but you never know. The best choice is the army style camo models.

Easy to clean – hunting boots should be easy to clean. Nobody wants a pair of boots that get dirty forever after getting in mud once. The design should be seamless so it’s easier to clean.


The insulation of the boots will keep your feet warm in the cold. The problem is that the best insulated a pair of boot is, the heavier it will weight. But you should acquire a pair of boots that have some good insulation, usually, Neoprene is the material chosen for insulation.

The insulation choices should be considered based on where you hunt too, and in which weather. Naturally, if you hunt in colder places you should choose a pair of boots with greater insulation, even though they will be heavier and more expensive.

Price range

What makes a pair of hunting boots more expensive are insulation, quality of the rubber, trademark prestige and any other features the boots may have.

Now you know some of the things to look for when buying a pair of rubber hunting boots. You can check our website other articles or check some models and prices on the internet now.

Known Manufacturers and Their Characteristics

One of the best-known manufacturers is Low whose Workshop was founded in 1923 and looks back on over 200 years of tradition of shoe making. They use the best quality material. Majority of their manufacturing is done in Germany.

Muckboots is an international manufacturer of sports, hunting, and other shoes. Every second hunter in the USA loves their quality boots. As they say on their website, they built their boots to take on the toughest conditions.

Hanwag is a traditional European producer of alpine footwear, their value sets also on high-quality materials and precise workmanship. The products from Hanwag are known for their very good fit and are very easy to wear for people with foot problems.

Which Hunting Boots Should You Buy?’
If you are looking to but the good hunting boots in 2018, then you should focus on the quality of workmanship and material used. They should be of high quality and don’t hesitate to pay the higher purchase price for double stitched hunting boots from a reputable manufacturer.

If you need hunting boots for an occasional hunting trip, then you should buy hunting boots with a good price-performance ratio.

Expert Tip

Hunting boots are not inexpensive to buy and they do cost money. However, the money is well spent, because the quality of best hunting boots is simply unmatched. While there are many acceptable products in the medium price range and there is even cheaper hunting boots made of plastic and rubber, but these are not really made for a long walk through a virgin forest. A good hunting boot at the foot of the hunter happens to be the alpha and omega when someone walks through the forest.

Especially in the winter season, an excellently insulated hunting boot for hunters is so important, as they often spend hours in the forest and thereby have to keep their feet warm.

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