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Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch 2020: Don’t Miss A Beat

Best Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatches 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Have you ever considered the benefits offered by a heart rate monitor? If yes, then you would definitely like to invest in the best heart rate monitor wristwatches. A heart rate monitor is an electronic device, which can monitor and measure your real time heartbeat, and even record your heartbeat for a study.

A heart rate monitor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The working of a heart rate monitor depends on the electrical pulses sent out by the user’s heart muscles. The transmitter in the monitor traps or detects the pulses, and then transmits them to the receiver in the form of electromagnetic signals. The transmitter is generally in the form of a chest strap, and the receiver is a portable device like a wristwatch or mobile phone.

Modern heart rate monitors are generally designed as wristwatch models to enable efficient and easy usage. With the evolution in design, strapless heart rate monitor watches were developed in order to ease out the inconvenience caused due to the chest straps. The strapless heart rate monitors are equipped with sensors and microprocessors that determine and display the current heart rate. Advanced models have the facility to measure other fitness parameters such as breathability rate, heart activity, variability, dehydration, core temperature, speed, distance, etc. These are some of the features the best heart rate monitor wristwatches should have.

Best Heart Rate Monitor 2020 Reviews

1. Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch

Basically, the Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch is specifically made for those who are active athletes or health buffs. It is designed so that it would not offer any discomfort when wearing and the size and display of the screen seems to accommodate outdoor use.

The Garmin Vivoactive is a multisport centric smartwatch that pulls every important application concerning this category into one sleek wearable device. The price is rather high but if you are looking for one of the best smartwatches in health and fitness category then this should be on your shortlist.


The display of the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch features high resolution images with light sensors for optimum readability even when outdoors. Its ultra thin design allows for an extremely lightweight experience. It also utilizes a touch screen display technology for easier navigation.

The smartwatch is GPS enabled and will accurately track the wearer in real time. The activity tracking apps that are pre-installed with the Vivoactive also collects stat data that you can view from your smartphone or smartwatch.

As with all smartwatches, once synced with your smartphone it features a notification that lightly vibrates the smartwatch whenever your smartphone is receiving a call or message. You will be up to date with any new emails or alerts from your phone and your social networking apps.

The battery life of the Garmin is quite impressive. It is able to last up to 3 weeks when using only the watch and activity tacking mode features while it has a battery life of 10 hours if the GPS is activated.

You can use the Connect IQ Store to download free apps to further personalize the Garmin smartwatch. You will have access to hundreds of watch faces, widgets, data fields and applications.

The package includes the Vivoactive smartwatch, a charger and the user manual. You will also be able to use heart rate monitors that maybe sold separately.

The Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch can sync with your smartphone from a distance of up to 30 feet. It is compatible with iPhone 5s or later versions and select Android devices. You can check their website for details on which devices are compatible.

Is this the Smartwatch for me?

Basically, the Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch is specifically made for those who are active athletes or health buffs. It is designed so that it would not offer any discomfort when wearing and the size and display of the screen seems to accommodate outdoor use.

This is a great smartwatch for those who are avid sports and outdoor lovers. If that seems to be your cup of tea then this a smartwatch tailor made for your lifestyle.

Overall, the Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch is a great multisport watch that you can connect to your smartphone. While the smartwatch does have some limited compatibility with certain devices it covers all the important factors that you’ll need when working out or simply travelling outdoors.

This is a great smartwatch for the adventurous kind and while it does have several limitations, it is still a good choice to have around for health and fitness users.

2. Moto 360 Smart Watch

A stylish and functional smartwatch which brings together the best of watch, notification and fitness technology.

A smart looking smartwatch, compatible with your Android 4.3+ smartphone. Marries fitness apps and notification functionality well. The colour touch screen is a joy to use and the voice command technology is a useful addition.

Battery life is respectable if you don’t mind charging it nightly.


The Moto 360 has been a long awaited product and being able to review it here is a pleasure. The look and feel of the watch is truly beautiful. It’s chunky without being heavy, the round screen allows the device to look like a watch rather than a notification device and the interchangeable straps mean it’s an easy job to make the watch match any outfit or situation.

When using the device as a teller of time, the wide selection of watch faces is a great addition. Once paired with your Android 4.3+ phone, the Moto 360 turns into a very handy device. You’ll receive and can deal with notifications such as calls, emails, texts and social media updates straight from your wrist.

The colour touchcreen is simple to read and very responsive. Should you choose to, the voice command technology means you won’t have to touch the screen at all – fancy!

When it comes to apps you’ll be spoilt for choice with the selection available in the Google Play store. If you’re hoping to use the Moto 360 as a fitness band, you’ll have that covered too. The Runkeeper app is particularly worthy of mention. The heart rate monitor too is a great feature although you’ll need to ensure the watch is tightly strapped to your wrist to maintain the connection.


Much mention has been given to the short battery life. You can expect one to two days usage at best. However this won’t be an issue for normal daily usage as charging is a simple task.

Scrolling to different apps and navigating menus can a lengthy process if you don’t want to use the voice commands. Motorola clearly wish the wearer to use the voice commands although this can be a bit of an issue should you be using the Moto 360 in a public environment.

The colour touchscreen on the Moto 360 is simple to use and sensitive to the touch, in fact it is sometimes a little too sensitive and it is an easy job to accidentally activate the screen when you don’t intend to.

For such a long awaited piece of kit, the Moto 360 doesn’t disappoint. It is certainly an attractive and very wearable smartwatch which allows the user to leave their smartphone comfortably tucked away while they deal with notifications on the move.

3. Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch Large

This device is a great choice if fitness tracking is your primary interest. It alerts you to texts and emails and keeps an eye on how much exercise you do.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker which also alerts you if you receive a text, email or call, the Samsung Gear Fit is an excellent choice. It is quite affordable at a mid-range price tag, you will definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Sleek and stylish, this smartwatch will track your steps and has a heart rate monitor. Pair it with your Samsung smartphone for access to plenty of apps to personalize your experience.

Fitness purists may find the device a bit ‘light’ on features. It is not possible to change data manually or add calorie intake for example. But overall this watch is a good combination of alert notifier and fitness device, all wrapped up in a pretty little package.

Features & Benefits

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness tracker first and foremost and its design reflects this well. It is waterproof and dust resistant and has the most beautiful light, durable, curved Super AMOLED display. It is possible to change the band to fit various wrist sizes.
The fitness features include a heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep monitor and real time coach and when paired with a smartphone, allows access to a wide rage of apps which allow the wearer to personalize their experience.

It is compatible with a number of Samsung smartphones and plenty of apps are available to enhance your personal experience with the watch. Its possible to reject calls with messages, quick reply to messages and control alarms. The smartwatch will also give instant notifications of emails, SMS and incoming calls.

Is this the Best Smartwatch for you?

Happily, there are few drawbacks to report, however the two we have found are important ones.

The main issue is that the pedometer seems to be sketchy in terms of how accurate it is. If you plan to purchase this watch and use the pedometer regularly, this fact may well be a barrier. It appears the pedometer can miscalculate up to 250 steps in every 1000 which is a substantial difference.

For a smartwatch which is intended to be used in high impact situations, the finish can be easily scratched. It isn’t very robust, and we’ve seen some reports of the finish flaking from the outer edge of the device.

The What Best Smartwatch Round Up

The Samsung Gear Fit may well be the perfect device for you if tracking your fitness is your main concern. The sleek and stylish design means it passes muster in the design stakes without looking like a bulky smartwatch. It manages to give a good balance between fitness tracker and a device which alerts you to notifications. This means you can happily keep your smartphone stashed safely while you get on with your busy life.

4.  Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear 2 is filled with features that could quite possibly make you leave your phone in your pocket all day. The Gear 2 features a built in camera, a music player, the ability to take calls and send texts as well as voice command capabilities.

The Gear 2 also sports a water resistant design and exchangeable watchstraps, offering you the chance to take the Gear 2 anywhere. Designed only for Samsung’s Galaxy phones (unless you do a little googling). Though, are all of the features worth it or are they just gimmicks?


Right away I find the Gear 2 a great smartwatch. Why? It allows you to keep your phone in your pocket. You can check notifications subtly at the workplace, respond to texts on the watch, and even take calls with simple finger movements. Unlike other watches, the Gear 2 allows you to check notifications and do something about it.
With the Gear 2, there’s a point to looking at your watch instead of just pulling your phone out instead. The Gear 2’s display pops with its SUPER AMOLED design that allows for blacker blacks and, in general, better color. It’s a music player and when not paired with a phone. The Gear 2 still allows for some functionality such as playing music even when not paired with a phone.

Sporting a waterproof design, you can wear the watch into the shower, the pool, or just wash your hands without worrying about a thing in the world. TV connectivity. Your watch can turn into a remote.

Is this the Best Smartwatch for you?

This watch only pairs up with Samsung phones. A huge drawback for people with iOS devices or any other Android phone. Compared to the Gear 2 Neo, this watch has a built in camera.

The camera isn’t really that necessary. The fitness features on the watch seem rushed and clunky. Look elsewhere if you don’t want simple gimmicks when it comes to getting, and staying, in shape.

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is full of incredibly handy features that will enhance your productivity when it comes to using your phone. Easily stay on top of things in a cramped setting, or a professional setting. The watch is also great for when you’re driving. Keep your driver’s license by doing a simple swipe and you’re talking hands free.

The watch also displays eye catching color with the sAMOLED display and switchable watch straps that allow you to blend into any dress code. Though, coming in at a high price tag, the Gear 2 may not be worth all that money because it lacks a well designed fitness app, has an unnecessary camera, and can only pair with Samsung phones.

5. Garmin 010-01614-06 Forerunner 735XT

With up to 20 hours of battery life, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is the ultimate GPS watch to aid you with your training and is perfect for triathletes thanks to its water resistance. Take a look out our Garmin Forerunner 735XT Review to see if this watch will suit your needs.

Garmin have labeled it as the first waterproof GPS watch on the market giving it a swimproof tag and stating that it’s waterproof up to depths of 50 meters. This makes it highly useable if you’re into your swimming, enabling you to time and track your progress whilst in the water – great for training purposes or during your competition.

What makes it brilliant is the ability to move it from your wrist to your bike frame, ensuring the smooth transition from bike to water in the triathlon. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT has easy-release mounts so you can change its fixed position from wrist to bike and back to wrist again for the final running leg.

After you’ve finished your competition or workout, the ANT+ technology can be used to transfer data wirelessly to your computer for further analysis. Also, if you want to share your progress with others, then all your info is easily uploaded to Garmin’s varied online services, such as Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center.

All the data that’s collected from the Garmin Forerunner 735XT will be use-able to track your progress and help you shape your future training to improve performance. The GPS connection on this GPS watch is brilliant, being able to record distance, pace, heart rate and more. Garmin are famous for their ability to connect your GPS watch to accessories to further enhance your tracking, such as the foot pod, heart rate monitor and cadence sensor.

Features and Specification

  • Great GPS – tracks position for running and cycling and your distance traveled and pace
  • AMT+ technology – easy upload to computer and Garmin’s services for further development
  • Easy to use display – large and clear for view whilst training
  • Good battery life – up to 20 hours of continuous use plus easy to recharge
  • Waterproof – ideal for use in triathlons or swimming on its own

Although the Garmin Forerunner 735XT was designed for triathletes in mind, this isn’t to say that non-triathletes can’t benefit from its great features. If you’re a pure runner or a cyclist, or even just into gym work or hiking, then the 735XT will be perfect for you. All the features can be used be all sports with distance, pace, heart rate and tracking all needing focus for all disciplines.

5. Polar RS300X Sports Watch

Polar is considered to be one of the best heart rate monitors among consumers, sports coaches, and personal trainers. They have a worldwide reputation for producing accurate instruments with a wide range of useful functions.

The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor watch is a good example of the type of product that has made Polar so well liked. The main benefit of this heart rate monitor is that it allows users to train at the correct intensity for them and so improve their performance over time.

It does this by providing detailed information about heart rate, speed, distance and calories used during an exercise session. This information can be stored and analyzed at a later date to check on performance and progress. A useful aspect of this data gathering is that it enables goals to be set and the RS300X heart rate monitor watch will give visual and audible warnings if the target heart rate is exceeded or not reached when training.

How To Choose The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Ease of Use

Keep in mind, as well, how comfortable and easy to use the watch is. Can you change the settings in the middle of a work out, or is the data on the screen easy to read? Are the buttons easy to operate and does the watch have back-light features?

For watches that come with a chest strap, how comfortable is it to wear? Some sportswomen have found the chest wraps problematic during workouts and prefer just the wristwatch. Polar and some other companies are now making smaller models for women.


Some of the best heart rate monitor watches have become fashion accessories. You can find styles and designs that range from elegant to chunky, in different colors and with specific models for men and women. Manufacturers have also come up with designs that can be worn as an everyday watch as opposed to just during exercise time.

Selecting a Brand

Selecting a brand from a reputable manufacturer is another key element when for how to choose the best heart rate watch. There are many firms in the sports watch and field watch market, but some names pop up quite regularly in the field of heart rate monitors.

Polar heart rate monitor watches are acknowledged as a top brand in this field. They’re the leaders in the manufacture of general heart monitors and their monitor watches are some of the best.

Listed above are our top 5 best heart rate monitor watch you can find on the market. I believe you should be able to choose the right one for your intended purpose.

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