Best Gaming Earbuds For 2018

Best Gaming Earbuds

Best Gaming Earbuds of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a gamer, and you are being irritated by the annoying voice of your gaming earbuds with poor quality and looking for the best gaming earbuds of 2019, then trust me you are going to really enjoy this article.

We often see people playing with expensive computers on large and vivid screens, but still using built-in speakers or small in-ear earbuds. While they can do the job done, but they don’t add a whole impression to the gaming experience. Bad sound output can feel irritating and annoying. Bad sound distracts out from game.
To cure this issue of sound, you can use speakers or headsets. Though speakers are better when you’re playing with your friends while earbuds are better for private use I mean when only you are playing. They provide well-articulated and more pronounced sound.

When it comes to highly competitive online games like CS: GO, earbuds are the best choice because there are various advantages of best gaming earbuds. Each and every brand of earbuds have their own unique features that give you ultimate pleasure of your favorite game. There are so many companies that manufacture different kinds of earbuds for different purposes, so you really have to take your time and read different reviews before you decide to buy the best gaming earbuds.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Gaming Earbuds?

Easy and clear sound

From stifled footsteps to game sounds, earbuds make you hear every second of sound, for example, when the rival is crawling up on you, you can easily hear his footsteps and hence can easily defend yourself. So, you need best gaming earbuds that has crystal clear and comfortable sound. Now days, best gaming earbuds have advance feature of voice isolation that is pivotal to every gamer.


Communication is important in highly competitive online games. You need teamwork for success which isn’t possible without having communication with each other. Teammates always require open lines of communication among each other. To cure this issue, the best gaming earbuds have embedded mic and number of other sound controlling features which allows you to communicate with your game partners.


Compatibility is worthy factor. Gamers prefer the earbuds that are compatible with number of devices because otherwise gamers have to buy more than one earbuds. There are number of best gaming earbuds available that are compatible with different devices.


Gaming is not just about playing. It’s about having fun. People are no longer interested in simple things in this modern world. Gamers are fashioners. So stylish design is seeing factor before buying earbuds. Design also matters in terms of comfortability – you need earbuds are fit in and over ear. Best gaming earbuds have best designs.


The most factor for every kind of shopping is price. People always want healthy things in cheap prices. Below 50$ earbuds are good, but around 100$ earbuds includes almost all the advance features that a gamer need for making most of his favorite game, so 100$ earbuds are universally considered as the best gaming earbuds.

Because of lacking power and profundity of bigger ear-cup-style headsets, Earbuds are most of the time criticized unfairly, but earbuds provide the flexibility that many other brands can’t contend with.
This doesn’t mean you need to acknowledge anything not as much as the best sound quality, however: we’ve done some extremely intensive research and gathered together the best gaming earbuds of 2019, with the goal that you can settle on an educated choice about which is best for your requirements and your preferences and priorities.

List of The Top 10 Best Gaming Earbuds

A. Best Budget Gaming Earbuds

1. Koss “The Plug” earbuds


Many people that have had the chance to purchase the Koss “The Plug” Earbuds can proudly say that they were really impressed and satisfied with the sound quality that these earbuds have to offer. Even though others might not like a few things about these earbuds, they definitely produce amazing amount of bass and tend to bring out the lowest tones as you listen.  The frequency range of these sets is rated at around 16 hertz to 23,000 hertz. One of the most important feature of the Koss earbuds is the isolation feature they have, when inserted properly in the ears they tend to isolate you from the outside surrounding such that you can’t even hear something as loud as bomb.


  • These are Noise isolating in-earbuds manufactured by Koss with 1.1 x 2.7 x 6 inches of dimension and having Connectivity Technology and are totally wired.
  • These are Memory foam ear cushions
  • You can expand In-ear headphones for your own custom comfort.
  • These earbuds have an additional soft foam ear cushions included feature.
  • It is highlighted with Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • Have near perfect sound isolation
  • Good for working out
  • Near perfect sound isolation
  • They are small enough to easily fit into a pocket



  • No mute button
  • No phone mic
  • No control features
  • No receiving calls


2. Philips SHE3590BK/28 In-Ear earbuds


  • This is the New IN-EAR HEADPHONE manufactured by Philips with Connectivity Technology and with 7 x 2 x 2 inches of dimension and are wired.
  • These gaming earbuds are Energy Star Certified
  • Multiple colors are available.



  • These headphones are low cost
  • Very comfortable
  • Very good bass extension
  • Has great isolation



  • No mic
  • No play/pause button
  • Cable is not tangle-free
  • Cheap build quality


3. Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 earbuds


If you are considering purchasing the cheapest headsets with with premium and excellent sound, build and quality then the Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 earbuds are the right ones to get. These headsets are just the same as most expensive pairs around the market, these are perfect for those with a low budget looking for great sets that can be used for sports or exercises.

The ErgoFit headphones come in a variety of colors to choose from, such that you are able to match the headphones with same color as your smartphone.

Though the Panasonic ErgoFit headphones is not really a tangle free design as many expect it to be, surprisingly they are able to come untangled relatively easy without any difficulty. Having such a tangle free cable make these headphones to be the best for physical activities in most sports.

When it comes to the noise isolation technology the Panasonic ErgoFit headphones seem not to have this feature implemented in its design, but surprisingly when inserted properly in the ears they blocked noise just like other headphones on the market with noise isolation feature. Imagine for cheaper pair of headphones, they seem to have most of the features in most expensive headsets.

The Panasonic ErgoFit headphones come with ear tips unlike other headphone. The ear tips are soft, comfortable and easy to wear, because the ear tips are made from silicon. When you purchase these headphones they come with three pairs of silicon ear tips with different sizes, so as to help you find the size that will fit your ears perfectly and maximize the sound quality and comfort ability.

The Panasonic RP-TCM125 is the ideal mix of style, solace and comfort, specially, top notch sound. With three included varieties of earbuds (Small / Middle / Large), you’ll get a comfortable and custom fit size earbud that won’t slip out of your ear. Look over five clear shading choices with matching cords as per your mood and motions. The 3.6-feet cord thread serenely through any type of clothing and bags.


  • Its Connectivity technology is wired with maximum input of 200 milli-watt and of 7 x 2 x 2 inches dimension.
  • Ultra-soft ErgoFit in-ear earbud headphones conform instantly to your ears (Small / Medium / Large earbuds are available for a perfect fit of your ear)
  • These earbuds are smartphone compatible with integrated microphone and remote for Apple (iPhone / iPod / iPad), Android and Blackberry Audio devices.
  • For audio recording, these earbuds have lively sound quality.
  • These earbuds have long 3.6-ft cord threads comfortably through clothing and bags.
  • This earbud product has 5 vivid color options with color-matching earbuds, cord and controller.
  • Connector: 1/8 inches nickel
  • The RP-HJE120 ErgoFit Earphones combine sound, fit.
  • Enjoy full listening to your soul music with soft and cozy earbuds that adjust in a flash to your ears. Three sets of included, ultra-delicate earbuds (small, medium, large) guarantee an ideal fit for each ear.
  • Nine Color Options with Color-matched Cords. Express your independence while making the most of your loved music. With nine shading varieties included, you’ll generally discover one that best matches the day’s outfit, your sound player and your mood.
  • Comfort-Length, 3.6-Foot Cord for Extra Convenience. A comfort length, 3.6-foot shading coordinated colors give the adaptability and comfort required for a peaceful day, and can be serenely strung through a coat, bag, or backpack.




  • These earbuds are made from silicon.
  • Uses a standard 3.5 mm jack
  • Available in a variety of bright colors
  • Good for physical activities like sports
  • They are the best cheap headphones under $20



  • No mic
  • No volume controls
  • No play/pause button
  • No voice-isolating system


B. Best Mid-Range Gaming Earbuds

1. TaoTronics TT-EP01

Music lovers can have affordable in-ear earphone with full sound playback wherever you go. The TaoTronics TT-EP01 active voice-isolating earbuds decreases background distracting noise and highlights diverse multiple styled, sized and colored ear-buds and snares for clearness of comfort. A noise-free earbud tuning in to music on a noisy transport, plane or some place with heaps of children? Kick back and enter a happy with listening entrance that is free of diversion with our advance noise cancellation innovation. Long-life listening – with unlimited music, just imagine having it all. Because of the rechargeable 140mAh battery, you’ll have up to 15 hours of persistent sound wherever you want it.

That is more than enough time to tune in to all your loving music and calls to your fellows till the next recharge. In terms of comport and clearness of voice, not all ears are alike, of course this earphone doesn’t care for the others. Packaged together are extra pairs of ear-buds and snares that come in various sizes to suit all ears. Not exclusively do all ears provide uncompromised natural voice, however these earbuds are meant for comfort. Keeping modern time in mind, not only great sound matters, but people also see the design of earbuds. Built with machined aluminum compound to lessen down battery consumption, these earbuds are solid yet light. A gold-plated earbud jack includes an extra classy touch while the plane sound connector includes another layer of comfort comes with earphones, 3 x ear buds, 3 x ear hooks, charging link, plane sound connector and client manual.


  • Advanced noise-isolating technology decreases background sounds by up to 30dB to give you the clear and comfortable sound.
  • 140mAh battery is crafted with machined aluminum alloy that reduces battery consumption and provides 15 hours of consistent use.
  • When you’re on the move, the earbuds will stay in place with interchangeable buds and hooks.
  • Featured with a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack and an airplane audio adapter for comfortable while traveling in air
  • You can adjust volume and play/pause with 3 buttons with a 55-inch long wire.

Why should you buy this?

Say goodbye to the background noise

With the TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Headphones, you can eliminate background noise giving you a chance to listen to your music in peace.

Music for long journeys

Blasting tunes or making calls? You’ll have enough battery life to do both with 15 hours of continuous audio before the next recharge.

A stable experience

Whether you’re kicking back or on the move, interchangeable earbuds and ear hooks allow ears of all shapes to enjoy music while offering extra stability.

Metal construction

High quality headphones require high quality design. Weighing a tiny 0.6 oz, the machined aluminum alloy headphones are light but sturdy, so they last.

Control it.

Your phone will never need to leave your pocket thanks to the in-line controls on the headphone. Now you can conveniently switch tracks, control the volume, and play/pause with ease.

Talk back

Stay in touch with family and friends, nears and dears with the built-in microphone that makes talking on the phone a breeze.



  • Has powerful noise-isolating technology
  • Affordable price
  • The sound quality has decent lows and highs
  • The cord for the earbuds is quiet long 55″ total
  • In-line controls feature on cord to easily switch tracks, control volume up and down plus pause/play music



  • Not wireless
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No pouch or carry case.
  • No clip to hold on to shirt. Needed for walking and running
  • Reduces only 60 to 70 %of humming noise


2. Klispch R6i earbuds

The Klispch R6i earbuds are well designed, comfortable and deliver a good sound when listening.  The Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones have some convincing features such that they can be considered as one of the strong contenders against Apple and Beats earphones.


  • Tangle-Safe cable
  • Connectivity is Wired
  • Patented Oval Ear Tips
  • Comes with Conveying Case, Clothing clip and 4 Sets of Ear Tips
  • Three-Catch Remote + Mic For iOS Gadgets
  • Dual Magnet, Dynamic Moving Curl Miniaturized Scale Speaker
  • Black and White finishes

Why should you buy this?

Legendary Sound + Great Fit

Following 60+ years of making incredible best earbuds, we based upon our intense sound legacy to change the earbuds business. Since 2007 we have been making the most inventive earphones. We are the performance and peace sound victors.

So Comfortable It’s Patented

Dissimilar to conventional, circular formed ear tips that put stress inside your ear, each Klipsch in-ear earphone uses licensed oval ear tips that normally fit the state of your ear trenches, making them essentially difficult to feel. Additionally, these selective tips deliver a flawless acoustic seal, which limit outside clamor, so you can make the most of your music at lower, more secure volumes.

Flat Tangle-Resistant Cable

There isn’t an audiophile on this planet who hasn’t encounter the agony and anguish from unwinding earphone cabling. With the R6i, that is a relic of past times, as it highlights improved, sturdy cabling for problem free stockpiling and transport.


Accompanies a conveying case, attire clasp and four distinctive sized ear tips so you can tweak your ideal fit.



  • Has a strong cable
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable when using



  • Not good for running or gym
  • No microphone
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a flat and heavy cable
  • Earbuds usually come off due to weight


C. Best Gaming Earbuds with Microphone

1. Brainwavz Delta Silver earbuds

The Brainwavz Delta produces clear and comfortable voice same as the artist intended. These are encased with metal housing. Featured with multi-functional 3 buttons microphone and remote for better experience.


  • Instruments and vocals reformed with clearness. You may not find headphones with this top-quality formation and brilliant sound quality at this low cost! Makes for an immaculate blessing.
  • These are all metal housing manufactured from pure aluminum which makes the housing rugged and durable. It’s perfect for on the go earbuds.
  • Balanced sound with same bass reaction. The sound is normally just found on higher end audiophile headphones.
  • Comply Foam Ear Tips Included. Simply the best premium foam tips available on the market, not normally found on budget earphones.
  • 3 Button remote with built in microphone designed to work on Apple iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.)

Included Accessories:

  • Instruction Manual
  • For better fit, 1 shirt slip
  • Three sets of silicone ear tips with all small, medium and large sizes
  • One package of Comply Foam Tips
  • Velcro cable Tie
  • Earbud hard case

Multi-Function 3 Button Microphone & Remote:

  • Compatible Apple iOS & Android Products
  • Supports controlling Phone Call
  • Supports control Audio Player
  • Supports Volume Control
  • TRRS Connector


  • 8mm dynamic drivers
  • 16Ω rated Impedance
  • 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz range of frequency
  • 100 dB at 1 mW sensitivity
  • 20 mW rated input power
  • 1.3 m Y-Cord Copper Cable
  • mm Gold Plated Plug



  • All metal housing, yet light weight and sturdy.
  • Bass response wit clean and balanced sound.
  • Advance Instruments and vocals
  • Compatible with iPhone and most Android phones including 3 button microphones and remote.



  • No volume controls.
  • Only one middle button for all play/pause and answer/end calls


2. Sennheiser Momentum earbuds

Joining Sennheiser’s Style Selection series, MOMENTUM In-Ear unites rich appearance and elite sound. Made for people who take after their own way, MOMENTUM In-Ear commends versatility, opportunity, aspiration and greatness. Ear connectors in a scope of sizes joined with another thin stainless-steel fenced in area guarantee an ideal fit for fantastic weakening of outer clamor. A recently planned oval link geometry gives a strong vibe of value while adding to prevalent sound quality. It is compatible with Apple iOS and Samsung Galaxy highlighting advantageous three-button in-line remotes with coordinated mic for controlling music and accepting calls. A superior convey case is incorporated, completed with a similar tender loving care and styling as the earbuds. Momentum In-Ear conveys an inconceivable listening background in the littlest, most reduced shape.

Meet Momentum In-Ear

Black Chrome

Momentum In-Ear has together styling and premium execution. An ergonomic design ooze quality with brilliant sound quality. The sonic mark is unadulterated Sennheiser Momentum – balanced, with exceptional bass, smooth mid-go and widened highs.
Force In-Ear is an ideal supplement to your cell phone, highlighting a helpful in-line 3-button remote with microphone to control calls and music with the button.


  • Distinctive Styling

A polished complete is supplemented with reflect chrome logo detail, color integrated cable, coordinated remote and a high-gloss finish are supplemented with mirror chrome logo details.

  • Ergonomically Engineered

Polycarbonate and machined stainless-steel lodging conveys continuous sound and adds to superb toughness.

  • Compatibility

An in-line 3-button remote with integrated mic is compatible with Apple iOS and Samsung Galaxy gadgets.

  • Dynamic Transducer

Wide data transmission 18-ohm dynamic transducer creates high yield with capable bass, smooth mid-run and broadened highs.

  • Personalized Fit

Four varieties of ear connectors are incorporated for a customized fit and superb weakening of encompassing clamor to guarantee most of the satisfaction in your most loved music.

  • Elliptical Cable

The 1.3 m curved link with angled 3.5 mm jack gives a without tangle listening background.



  • They have Excellent sound
  • Resistant to tangling
  • Good bass
  • Well designed earbuds with a modern look
  • Very good sound quality
  • Best earbuds for value of your money



  • Only compatible with iPhone.
  • The sound quality of Momentum is slightly better than CX-180 which is 1/6th of the price
  • CX-180 and Momentum I purchased at the same time, CX-180 is louder and has better treble
  • Build quality is pathetic, they fall off easily with a slight tug given at any part of the wire
  • Any earphone of 1000 – 2500 range can match the sound quality of these earphones
  • CX 3.0 has better equalization at half the price
  • Beat Ur Beats by Dr Dre have much better aesthetics, much better bass, fit, sound equalization, mids and lows than the Momentums
  • When worn these earbuds slightly feel slightly bulky
  • Not good for physical activities like gym or while jogging


3. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear

Our Triple Driver In-Ears encapsulate1MORE’Snot aims to sell earbuds at all, but rather we aim to convey music. Our Triple Drivers speak to 3 sets of foam ear each sonic detail the music artist proposed you to hear. Generally, they vanish so there’s nothing amongst you and your music.

Music. Delivered.

1MORE’s combination unrivaled plan guidelines and Luca Bignardi’s ardent tuning conveys a significant sound. Tuning in to our Triple Drivers resembles hearing your most loved music live and out of the blue.

Three Drivers

Having three drivers is like having high-end encompass sound in your ears. A dynamic driver resembles a minor woofer. Our armatures are minor tweeters. The bass is full, the mids are well-spoken, the highs are shimmering, and the sound stage is wide.

Cutting Edge Form

Our lightweight aluminum composite earpieces are ergonomically planned with slanted points that match your ear channels, so you can make the most of your music in all out solace.

High-Resolution Audio

Our Triple Drivers, Hi-Res certified, have a broadened frequency of 40,000 Hz. The modern music business is trending towards Hi-Res sound, and our Triple Drivers are splendidly suitable for this pattern.

3-Button Remote

Open 3-catch remote enables you to control your music and have calls while on the go. Our noise isolation technology and perfectly clear microphone influences to sound close even in uproarious conditions.



  • Excellent quality for the money
  • Great call quality
  • Has built in mic for calls
  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • Delivers well-balanced sound, rich and clear sound



  • No button to change the tracks
  • Poor bass response (According to reviews


D. Best Wireless Gaming Earbuds

1. BeatsX Wireless Earbuds


Beats beatsx mlye2ll/a Bluetooth remote in-ear earphones fit for your life. beatsx headphones are the perfect pension. Experience genuine, clear voice with up to 8 hours of battery life. With quick fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback. It’s flex-shape cables give simple pocket convenience; ear-tips give a customized fit and secure-fit wingtips offer stability. Smooth, light, pact, these headphones are your perfect pension. They in a split second set up — simply control on and hold close to your iPhone and afterward all the while interface with your Mac watch, iPad and mac*. With class 1 Bluetooth innovation, beatsx runs wherever you run with extraordinary remote proficiency. This company has been around for quiet sometime, and have a reputation of being one of the top companies that designs and makes some of the best gaming earbuds. These earbuds are commonly used by most celebrities.

Sound that stays with you beatsx highlights genuine, clear stable with streamlined noise isolation for an immersive listening background. A creative acoustic outline conveys a perfect treble reaction and mutilation free bass for the most common tonality over a wide scope of classifications.

Fit for your life in the case of playing in your ears or staying nearby your neck, beatsx is amazing for throughout the day wear. The novel flex-shape link gives an adaptable fit, an assortment of ear tip alternatives provides for and secure-fit wingtips offer included soundness. Also, when you are not wearing them, attractive earbuds keep your headphones sans tangle and they effectively curl impact compactness. Continuously prepared beatsx highlights 8-hour battery fueled by the productivity of the apple w1 chip so it is prepared when you are. For a snappy turnaround, quick fuel gives you 2 hours of playback from a 5-minute charge.


  • Electronics, headphones, earbud headphones.
  • Dimension: 10.2 x 7.6 x 5.1 cm.



  • Great sound quality
  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • They are wireless
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Good build quality



  • No warranty
  • No remote
  • No included battery


2. Samsung Level U Pro

Level U Pro Wireless earphones  with Microphone can take your breath away in business of music. Through Bluetooth technology one can easily sync music from Bluetooth-enabled gadget. They also come with a micro USB charging cable and different-sized ear buds.


  • Connectivity Technology is wireless
  • Splash and sweat resistant for active use.
  • Flexible urethane joints
  • Lightweight design for a comfortable fit.
  • UHQA is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Stylish design with two speaker units and Ultra-High-Quality Audio for comfortable sound
  • Battery Life up to 9 hours talk/9 hours play/300 hours standby.

Why should you buy this?

Samsung UHQA Studio Sound

Ultra High-Quality Audio invention has special feature of 24bit digital audio with 2x more frequency than standard CD remote sound. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.

Two-way Speaker Units

Two-way speaker units deliver quality and clear sound. The noise-isolating dual-microphone subsides outside interference and feedback during calls.

3. Jaybird X3

Stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth gadget to secure-fit, sweat-proof micro-sized in-ear headphones. On a single charge, you can use them for 8 hours. You have over-ear and under-ear fit options in micro-sized universal-fit. Market leading Bluetooth signal strength ensures no drop outs of music. A hydrophobic Nano coating ensures the product sweat-proof seam design. Regardless of what music gadget they’re paired with or what music service you use, you can customize your sound settings with the Jaybird MySound App and save them to your X3 headphones. Can we call these the best gaming earbuds, lets have a look at its features below.


  • The buds provide a full 8 hours of use.
  • A micro-sized design offers an easy fit when worn with a helmet.
  • Hydrophobic Nano coating safeguards the product against sweat damage and rain showers, so you can use them during exercise with no fear.
  • You can customize sound settings – have them put away on earbuds to use with any music gadget.
  • Wearing earbuds in under-ear or over-ear to lift the cord off the back of the neck.



  • Strong battery life
  • Has wireless connectivity
  • Sweat-proof seam design
  • Noise isolating in-earbuds



  • No remote
  • Color screen: No
  • Too much expensive


E. Best Premium Gaming Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort 20

Off the world and let yourself in your music and feel it. It’s your desire for in-ear noise-isolating headphones from Bose are engineered to let you enjoy better sound every day, everywhere you go. Turn on noise-isolation technology to subside distractions and feel your music. Or without removing the headphones, a touch of button will activate aware mode to let you hear what’s happening around you. So do you think these are the best gaming earbuds? Continue reading to know more.


  • These earbuds are perfect for Apple iPod/iPhone and iPad
  • Noise isolation technology diminishes surrounding diversions, and gives peaceful music stand out.
  • Just the touch of a button lets you hear what’s around you through aware mode.
  • Exclusive TriPort technology and Active EQ delivers digital-quality audio sound.
  • Stay hear plus tips provide long-lasting comfort as well as stability.



  • Advanced noise isolation technology
  • Wireless capability
  • Very comfortable to wear,
  • The sound quality is extremely good
  • Well-designed and very stable



  • No remote
  • Rechargeable battery can not be replaced.
  • Color screen: No
  • Needed battery
  • They are expensive


F. Best In-Ear Monitors

1. MEE audio M6 PRO


  • Noise-isolating universal fit in-ear ideal for use on and off the stage
  • Studio-tuned voice profound bass and peaceful clarity.
  • Fit and safe in the ear with separable cables for durability.
  • Multiple features like mic, remote and volume control for a perfect use with cell phones and tablets

Why should you buy this?

Sound Precision

A new driver can deliver dynamic audio with deep and well-balanced bass making the sound crystal clear and peaceful.

Superb Fit and Comfort

The lightweight, low-profile M6 PRO is specially designed for extended listening sessions. You don’t need to re-adjust it because It uses seven sets of eartips and adaptable memory wire to give a safe, customized fit for all ears.

Sound-Isolating Design

The M6 PRO in-ear design blocks external noise to provide you peaceful voice of your favorite music. Additionally, comply memory foam eartips advances noise isolation making your hearing peaceful.

Built to Last

M6 PRO is sweat-free designed for real-world durability. It has a headset cable and a high-grade stereo cable for quality and tangle-resistance.

Headset Cable with Mic and Remote

A built-in universal volume control, microphone and remote button in headset cable, let you have calls on and tablets.

Complete kit

  • M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors
  • Protective carrying case
  • Spare cable
  • Comply foam eartips
  • Silicone eartips (6 pairs)



  • Noise-isolating universal fit in-ear
  • mic, remote and volume control
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Can take phone calls
  • Very comfortable in the ears



  • No remote
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Color screen: No
  • No AC adapter


2. RHA T10i

T10i: High-fidelity, noise isolating in-ear headphone have remote and microphone features. The stainless steel T10i has a dynamic driver designed to generate all sort of music with high accuracy.


Tuning filter system

Using the T10i’s tuning filter system, users can customize the sound for different genres of music by simply screwing and unscrewing.

Injection module stainless steel

The stainless-steel driver housings of the RHA T10i provide a ergonomic, natural shape that is designed to fit perfectly in the ear.

Made for iPhone

You can completely control over calls, music and volume using three-button remote and microphone on compatible Apple devices. Depending on model, generation and software versions, some functions of remote and mic may be compatible with android and other devices.

Modulable over-ear hooks

The Unique and patent pending over-ear hooks offer a more safe and comfortable fit in ear.

Noise isolation

Six sets of RHA’s dual density ear tips offers noise-isolating sound. The ear tips have a soft outer layer for blocking exterior noise providing clear and comfortable voice.

Reinforced cable

It has 1.35-meter long cable. The cable has high end audio cables. The cable is stainless steel reinforcements all through.

3-year warranty

The T10i claims to have the highest standard and audio quality that’s why it has three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Complete kit contains

  • T10i in-ear headphone.
  • 2 pairs memory foam ear-tips
  • Bass, reference and treble tuning filters.
  • 6 pairs, dual density ear tips (S x2, M x2, L x2).
  • 2 pairs, double flange ear tips (S x1, L x1).
  • Stainless steel ear tip holder.
  • Stainless steel tuning filter holder.
  • Premium storage case.
  • Clothing clip.
  • User guide.



  • High end audio cable.
  • Noise isolation technology implemented
  • Very comfortable in the ears
  • Awesome sound
  • Have high-quality feel.
  • Three year warranty



  • No wireless connectivity
  • Only for iPhone
  • They are a bit heavy
  • A bit expensive



We are happy to guide you in choosing the best gaming earbuds for your favorite games. Again, it is not absolute, gaming trend is on its peak, so as the new games with different features are coming and so new earbuds with matching features are being invented. Anyway, we have complied the best gaming earbuds of 2019 after a healthy research, and approval of top gamer’s. After all, it all depends on your preferences and priorities, so buy according to your interest. is the best online store for buying best gaming earbuds.
Best of luck for your next game with our recommended best gaming earbuds. Have fun!

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