Best Backpacks For Overnight Hiking

Best Backpacks For Overnight Hiking

Best Backpacks For Overnight Hiking – Buying Guide

If you plan on going hiking with your family and friends for just a day then you must consider getting best backpacks for overnight hiking. These backpacks for overnight hiking do not really to be very big backpacks. It’s important that you pick the right backpack for everything you need to carry fits in the bag. Without having a proper hiking backpack you surly won’t enjoy your trip.

Every hiking backpack is a bit different than the last one. You should keep this in mind since they are designed for different uses. Think where you are going to use it and how. You need to be able to carry it around and still have energy left afterwards.

The pack should not weight more than 30% of your bodyweigh. You should keep the pack even lighter to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Choose the size of your hiking backpack according to your hiking preferences. If you enjoy shorter, like a day or so hikes, then buy a smaller pack. If you enjoy longer overnight hikes then you should buy a larger backpack

Buying padded shoulder straps with a small or a large backpack is recommendable. Even if you carry only light weigh they will still save you a lot of trouble and pain.

Make sure that you have a waist belt in your larger hiking backpack. They transfer the weight to your hips and help you have a more balanced and easier hikes, which will also help you prevent accidents from happening. If possible get a backpack that has chest straps available.

Most of the backpacks have outer pockets. You should store items that you need quick access to in them. Use the zipper at the bottom of the pack to reach stuff that is at the bottom of the pack.

Make sure that you are carrying enough food and water with you. You should carry less clothes with you so that you can carry more food and water with you since they are more important. One set of spare clothes is enough.

Choose a size for your backpack so that you can get everything you need with you. Avoid overstuffing to prevent accidents from happening. A larger backpack is better if the smaller one gets too filled up.

Choose the right backpack and enjoy your hike even more. Below we will review the best backpacks for overnight hiking that you can pick from.

Top 4 Best Backpacks For Overnight Hiking Reviewed

1. High Peak Kathmandu 70 + 10 Hiking Backpack

The High Peak Kathmandu 70 + 10 Hiking Backpack is perfect for active individuals who love to go camping and hiking and want the best in gear to take with them. With an expandable top lid, users can fit more items inside. In addition, the carrying straps are customizable so they fit a variety of sizes and EVA foam is included for form and shape. A Hydration ready system is included, and there is a lifetime warranty attached to this product. With four main packing compartments, it’s easy to separate different items and organize them. There’s also a built in rain cover for protection. With the detachable hood and aluminum suspension bars, this backpack is more comfortable for users than most.

High Peak Kathmandu 70 + 10 Hiking Backpack Specifications and Features

  • Weight: 5.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 26 x 4 x 13 Inches
  • Features aluminum suspension bars as well as a detachable hood for comfort.
  • Features 4 main packing compartments for easy organization of goods.
  • The main compartment has a divider and 2 zippers.
  • Back and shoulder straps are padded for comfort.
  • 5,000 to 6,000 cubic inches capacity.
  • Ice pick handles and hydration ready system.

Based on the features of the High Peak Kathmandu Hiking Backpack, we feel completely comfortable recommending it to those who want a sturdy, comfortable, and secure backpack for hiking and camping. Most users were extremely happy with this product and would purchase it all over again, or recommend it to friends and family members. It is highly unlikely that those who purchase this backpack will be unhappy with the materials, the durability, functionality, versatility, or any other aspect of the product. We whole heartedly recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

2. Kelty Flyway 43 – Backpack

The Osprey Kestrel 32 Backpack is currently one of the best-rated camping/hiking backpacks of its kind, coming with a great array of features that make it particularly versatile and functional. With a capacity of 30-32 liters depending on the selected size, the Kestrel 32 backpack from Osprey features and AirScape backpanel that keeps your back ventilated in hot weather, hip belt pockets that are easy to access even when you carry the backpack on your back, and an adjustable torso harness with Reverse StraightJacket compression straps for a comfortable fit.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in 2 sizes: small/medium and medium/large
  • Capacity of 30-32 liters depending on the selected size
  • Hip belt pockets provide easier access to your essentials
  • Integrated rain cover keeps the backpack perfectly dry, protecting your assets from humidity
  • An external hydration pocket that will keep you hydrated during your hiking or camping experience, as you can easily drink hands-free with no need to put your backpack down and look for the water supplies you brought.
  • Torso adjustable harness makes it easier for you to carry this backpack on your back
  • Reverse StraightJacket compression straps that add a plus of security and protect your assets against potentially falling
  • The backpack is available in several sizes including fire red, conifer green, tarn blue and talus grey


  • As for the positive points of the Osprey Kestrel 32 Backpack, there are many aspects that will undoubtedly make your hiking/camping experience outstanding. In the first place, this backpack is available in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large), as well as four colors (fire red, conifer green, tarn blue and talus grey), meaning that you can opt for the version that best fits your needs and tastes.
  • As stated above, the Osprey Kestrel 32 is equipped with hip belt pockets, which are placed conveniently at hip level to provide easier access to your essentials. As such, you will not be required to put your backpack down while hiking, which will simplify things for you considerably. Due to the torso adjustable harness, the backpack can be fixed to fit your torso, therefore reducing any unnecessary balance that might affect your equilibrium. Paired with the Reverse Straight Jacket compression straps, this Osprey backpack will successfully keep your assets inside, providing an extra layer of protection and support for those moments when the zips might accidentally go open.
  • One of the most notable benefits of the Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack is the external hydration pocket it is equipped with. As such, you can easily drink water (or any liquid you put in the reservoir) hands-free with no need to put your backpack down and start looking for the water supplies you brought. There is also an AirScape backpanel that can keep your back dry, preventing sweat from wetting your clothes when the weather is excessively hot, or when you do a lot of effort. On top of that, the AirScape backpanel will help you avoid getting a cold or flu when your sweated clothes and skin come into contact with cold air.
  • The Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack comes with a Stow-On-The-Go trekking pole attachment that is ideal for keeping your mountaineering tools with you during your hiking or camping adventure. The integrated rain cover is meant to protect your backpack during rainy or snowy weather, ensuring that its contents will stay perfectly dry.


  • Although not many, there are a couple of drawbacks that might potentially make the Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack slightly inappropriate for the average hiker, camper or mountaineer. First and foremost, the differences between the small/medium and medium/large versions of this backpack is nearly nonexistent, though their prices are a little more different. While the small/medium backpack has a capacity of 30 liters and 1,831 cubic inches, the medium/large one has a capacity of 32 liters and 1,953 cubic inches.
  • According to one customer, the quality of the straps might leave much to be desired, as they might easily snap while attempting to secure them. It is important to be extremely careful when handling the backpack, otherwise you might risk making it totally useless for future hiking or camping excursions.

To conclude the above, the Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack is undoubtedly a great option for those individuals who want to enjoy a truly pleasurable experience. The backpack is capacitive enough to accommodate most assets needed for your excursion to be safe and enjoyable, providing some extras that make it stand out among other models of its kind. Be sure to buy the backpack from a reliable retailer, to avoid potentially getting a quality that is inferior to that of a genuine Osprey product.

3. Gregory Z30

Gregory Z30 is a perfect fit for both an ultra-light overnight onetime trip and quick day out trip. Gregory’s suspension system, proprietary JetSteam DTS, provides airflow across the back. It also provides an effective load transfer for additional comfort while on the trail. This ventilated hiking backpack can comfortably carry a heavy load (up to 30 pounds of gear). Sometimes, you may require more gear, the openly accessible main compartment lets you pack and easily get to anything inside. It also keeps you ventilated on hiking days when the weather is hot; the key is to feel as strong toward the end of your hiking session as you did when you started. Well,this is our pick for the best backpacks for overnight hiking.

Features and Specifications

The Gregory Z30 is a slightly larger backpack than the average day-pack. It is fully featured, making it the heaviest and most likely expensive too. However, it is also the most capable where carrying larger loads is required. With some similarity to the design of both the Osprey Talon and Osprey Stratos, the ventilated back panel feature distributes and withstands more weight comfortably than the Osprey Stratos.

With over 2 pounds, this backpack is clearly not for the regular lightweight hasty-packer. It is more about comfort, excellent support, and efficient ventilation. It has a slightly larger carrying capacity than the Stratos, with a sturdy frame for more hiking gear. Added small pocket options are suited for organization purposes. In terms of durability, the Z30 can far withstand some hard use. However, all the buckles are Gregory proprietary, meaning it would be expensive and complicated to replace a broken buckle.


  • The smaller pockets help with securing the essential little items such as headlamps and lighter. The pole attachments with an ice tool carrying capability allow the pack accommodate some extra weight on technical excursions. Dual exit ports let drinking tube be routed on either side of the backpack. The front bucket pocket allows a quick stash and ease of access to bulky gear. In addition, it provides killer lumbar support for long distance walks while carrying heavy loads. The ventilated back panel ensures you are as full of energy at the end as at the beginning of your hike.


  • The Gregory proprietary buckles are complicated and expensive to replace if one breaks. The bag is also heavier than the regular backpack, adding extra weight to the already strenuous gear weight. Moreover, the frame runs short.

The Gregory Z30 model of Gregory backpacks is a great pack for more technical excursions. With its suspension, air flows freely across the back to for efficient ventilation. It is suitable for carrying more gear, which is not possible with overnight hiking backpacks. It is also appropriate for those looking to be more organized because it has fitted small pockets with easy access. The Gregory Z30 beats other hiking backpacks with its comfortable larger load carrying capacity. Being the best backpacks for overnight hiking, you won’t be disappointed when you pick this backpack.

4. Deuter ACT Trail 32

TheDeuter ACT Trail 32 is a versatile and great pack for hikes that last a day or multiple days as well as walking around town or going to a concert or fairs. The AIRCONTACT system in the Deuter ACT Trail 32 gives you full load control, evenly distributing weight for the most comfortable hike possible. The Trail’s back padding foam with air channels gives a comfortable fit while giving great ventilation and reducing chafe and perspiration. Has a great front panel for access to deep gear and lots of pockets as well as a rain cover that fits your pack perfectly.
Deuter ACT Trail 32
Enjoy this pack that comes with a anatomically cut hip belt that gives great load transfer with bi laminate foam, side pockets and stuff it pockets, as well as a large zippered side pocket. Carry everything you need and more, with capacity for ice axes and trekking poles with built-in loops. Make hydration easy with the hydration compatible pack and stay comfortable with contoured, padded shoulder straps designed with 3D Airmesh. The ACT Trail 32 also comes with a stowaway hip belt and comes in a choice of the cool colors of black/anthracite or cranberry/fire.

Features and Specifications of Deuter ACT Trail 32

The Deuter Act Trail 32 Daypack weighs 2 pounds and 14 ounces with a capacity for and volume o 1950 cubic inches, or 32 liters. Its size is 26″ x 13″ x 9″. The torso length runs from 17 to 21 inches and the material that makes the pack is a combination of micro rip nylon and Hexlite 211. It can carry up to 25 pounds or 11 kilograms and has a length o 17 to 21 inches, 43 to 53 centimeters.

The Deuter Act Trail 32 Daypack comes with an air contact back system that comes equipped with a Delrin Frame Rod. There is also front entry to the Deuter Act Trail 32 with front entry, allowing for easy access to what you want to reach. A two way zip panel gives you actual access to the deep gear. The Aircontact pads are made of hollow, breathable chamber foam that allow the load to be brought close to the center of gravity.

It also has a detachable rain cover, perfect to slip over and making it so you don’t have to run out and get a cover from a store that may not even fit your pack. A side mesh pocket as well as a large side zippered pocket are integrated onto this pack to help you carry what you need and see where it is easily. A hip belt pocket as well is included that lets you reach gear easily while hiking. The pack comes with a total of 6 pockets, more than enough to carry everything you need.

The Deuter ACT Trail 32 also has a Delrin U-Frame Rod for stability and carrying comfort as well as an integrated Stuff-It Pocket to hold all your gear. A U-shaped front panel makes access easy. The pack is designed to hold ice axes and trekking poles with special loops as well as your hydration unit.


  • Two way zip panel allows for access to deep gear that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access without pulling out all of the other gear that is sitting on top of it for the ultimate in convenience.
  • Detachable rain cover protects your pack and your gear from the rain in event of inclement weather.
  • Hip belt pocket allows you to reach items easily without having to stop or take off your pack.
  • AIRCONTACT system distributes weight evenly for the most comfortable hike possible.
  • Back padding foam with air channels reduces perspiration by 15% and provides much-needed ventilation.
  • Anatomically cut hip belt with bi laminate foam provides great weight stability and load transfer for a better hike with better freedom of movement.
  • 3D Airmesh padded shoulder straps keep load from digging in and maintain comfort.
  • Carry-on compatible with the ACT Trail 20 and 24.


  • If you dislike too many pockets, the Deuter ACT Trail 32 comes with six.

The Deuter ACT Trail 32 daypack is a great pack for hiking or even taking to events. It has all the basics that are necessary for hiking, whether one day or multiple days. Advanced features in the design such as high tech shoulder padding and bilaminate foam in the anatomically cut hip belt as well as air channels in the foam increase basic comfort while hiking. The Deuter ACT Trail 32 pack is great for experienced hikers and new hikers alike

The above 4 backpacks are our choices for the best backpacks for overnight hiking. I guess you will be able to pick the one that will suit your hiking trip.


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